Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are an important part of Britain’s culture, and for peace of mind about your pride and joy, you’ll need to make sure you get an insurance quote that covers your vehicle. This guide will tell you what to look out for when comparing classic car insurance quotes and show you where to go to get the best price on this type of insurance policy in the UK. It will also give you advice on finding cheap classic car insurance if you already have a policy or if you don’t need full coverage protection, like comprehensive or fire and theft coverage.

The best way to get classic car insurance
What do you need? Protection for classic cars can be more expensive than usual due to their higher values, but there are ways to save on it. If you have a classic car that’s worth a lot of money, then you’ll want to be sure that you compare insurance quotes. One way to do so is to speak with one of your existing insurance providers and see if they can provide such protection. Some companies won’t offer these policies, though, even if they do cover other vehicles.

Classic Car Insurance Explained
If you own a classic car, your insurance requirements can be slightly different to those of someone who owns a more recent vehicle. It may actually save you money to insure your classic car with a specialist insurer. Your bank or building society might provide fully comprehensive cover, but they may not be experts in providing cover for something as valuable as a classic car.

Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only is what many people will opt for as it covers all other party’s property should your car have an accident or be stolen. Fully Comprehensive Cover will also cover you for legal costs in addition to physical damage to your vehicle, any injury caused by an accident that was your fault and loss of use of your vehicle due to damage or theft.