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Commercial & Professional Insurance

A Landlord's sign in the front garden of a house. The sign says "HOUSE FOR RENT".

Landlord / Buy-to-let Insurance

    Also known as Buy-to-let Insurance, Landlord Insurance will protect you, your rental income and your tenants if you are renting out a property.

    A green ladder resting against a tree near a wall.

    Public Liability Insurance

      When you are running a business, safe is always better than sorry and the right Public Liability cover could make all the difference should there ever be a claim against you.

      The back of a pair of green jeans. Precariously sticking out of the pocket is a black leather wallet.

      Income Protection Insurance

        How would you manage if you couldn’t work for a while? Income Protection Insurance will pay you part of your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or accident. Worth a look for peace of mind.

        A table with some paper on. The paper has some graphs printed. A hand positions a green pen near one of the graph columns.

        Professional Indemnity Insurance

          If you, or your business, offer advice, expertise or consultancy services, you might be at risk of a client making a claim against you. Protect yourself with a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

          A bright and airy open plan office with desks containing computer monitors, chairs, office plants and a shiny black floor.

          Commercial Property Insurance

            Insurance can cover the costs of repair or rebuilding and offer compensation for lost revenue should work need to be done.