About UK-Go.com

At UK-Go.com we love the Internet. But more than that, we love comparing insurance prices on the Internet. Ok, so it’s not ideal for everything, but it’s so easy, and there’s so much choice!

But that’s also half the problem: there are just too many UK insurance sites out there, all of them trying to get you to buy. So how do you know which are good and which should be avoided?

Now, it’s simple.

Uk-Go.com works in partnership with Quotezone to bring your insurance quotes from tried and trusted insurance companies. So now you can be sure that when you buy insurance online from a site that you’ve seen here, you’ll get a good deal from a trusted online insurer.

Have you got any suppliers to suggest? Then please email us at info@UK-Go.com.

If you feel you’ve had bad service from any insurer that we’ve recommended, then please email us too, and we’ll reflect that in our listings.

It really is the only way to go.

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